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Frank DeDominicis & Associates, LLC is committed to providing world-class, evidence-based leadership training & resources to address all aspects of leadership development for busineness and life. A fun, upbeat keynote speaker, energizing audiences while providing valuable powerful tools to support leaders in crafting their vision in leading teams & driving change.

Conflict resolution skills and services to business and corporate business that in any enterprise all parties will greatly benefit from. Mutual kindliness precedes team-building and the inevitable conflict must be embraced as a necessary engager to productivity and growth.

Based on Dr. Marston's DiSC theory, Frank offers a free "Work of Leaders" personal style report for business leaders and managers.

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Frank is a fantastic speaker. I cannot wait to gleam more from him in future endeavors. All of Frank's presentations that I've been through have left me with a feeling of knowledge gained, The Positive Self-Image session was outstanding

I would like to thank you!

For your team-building program at Denver Grain Exchange. The overall results were in the areas of improved communications between employees and supervisors. increased personal motivation and the ability to set priorities and goals.

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