The Advanced Team Work & Leadership Program Will Amaze, Amuse & Entertain While Bringing Out YOUR Personal Leadership Qualities

Leadership Development Your leadership journey: how it shapes you and how you can shape it. 

Leading Teams and Driving Change

Understanding How to Strengthen Interpersonal Connections & Interpersonal Skills

Eliminate Confusion By Discovering The Most Impactful Three Keys to Personalized Leadership.

Re-Developing YOUR Leadership Skills.

Our common problems usually concern managing time and money, and getting along with others.

People problems are the most complex and difficult, especially if you are building a political following, growing membership, or paid to motivate others towards harmonious and consistent productivity.

People resist being ordered to follow, but are willing serve those who display real leadership charisma.

Your life will change dramatically once you unlearn common leadership scotomas and reset your mindset with my presentation exploring key elements of effective leadership.

Frank DeDominicis

The Advanced Team Work & Leadership Program

Personal Leadership - Work of Leaders (book)

Basic and advanced executive development skill courses

Everything DiSC Personal Profile

The training world's most trusted self assesment instrument

Productive Conflict Resolution Skills

Permanent solutions produce resilience with skills mastery

Collective Flow (Teamwork)

Online team mapping available
see the layout of the entire team

Agile Emotional Intelligence

DiSC-based mindset to develop emotional adaptability & motivational skills

Pre-Screening & Onboarding System

Behavior-predictive profile a highly effective attrition tool increasing mutual understanding & retention

This powerful, 45 - 60 minute Talk exposes:

1. Common assumptions and failures of most leaders, clarity intelligence and vision implemented into leadershp qualities.
2. Myths about ‘natural’ leaders versus trained business leaders. Are they born leaders or can they be trained?
3. Four ways to reduce interpersonal defensiveness & boost trust, first stage would be confidence but not arrogance.
4. Three primal, proven keys to leadership success. There are many levels of leadership - how do you measure up?

Learn How To Develop A Top Performing Team That Gets More Done In Less Time!

Learn Productive Confilct Resolution From A Recognized Expert.

Understand How You Can Resolve Conflict Using Emotional Intelligence & How All Will Benefit.

You will quickly understand how you can get the best from your team on a consistent basis. Frank shows how by adapting your management style to every situation, you will increase the collaborative productivity of each member of your team.

Management Skills Training

Motivate every member of your team, even if they don’t share your core values.

Learn the skills of using corrective yet positive feedback, which while it is motivating,  can turn any problem team member around, helping you to increase productivity and motivational understanding. This will quickly enable you to apply a tactical conflict resolution style that will quell conflict - you will learn a calm yet firm understanding of advanced confict resolution.

Frank DeDominicis leadership coaching Motivational Speakers Frank DeDominicis

Frank DeDominicis Leadership Coach

Leadership Skills & Leadership Coaching 

Here Is What You Will Learn From This Program.
You will see how to adapt your style using case studies.
You will get feedback from Frank and peers.
DiSC Pre and post assessments  
Materials to review what you’ve learned after the event.
Additional resources to maximize your training goals and to focus on YOUR leadership skills. 

Teaching And Implementation

Frank's philosophy is "Measurable Results Not Just Advice" Put Frank DeDominicis to the test today you will learn through experience and engaging amusing case studies.

Leadership training needs can be identified through individual DiSC personality types.

Here's How You Will Benefit From The Advanced Team Work & Leadership Program

You will understand how to Communicate with authenticity, clarity and precision.
You will be able to master challenging situations utilizing proven tools, proceedures and techniques.
You will find and understand your management and personal style enabbling impactful work relationships.
You will understand how to Tailor your approach to motivate and empower different types of people in any situation.
You will discover your innermost ethical leadership persona setting ethical standards throughout your work and personal life.
You will understand a recognize the role of values in managing, winning over and influencing people.
You will understand the principles of emotional intelligence to elevate you to a new level of effectiveness.

Frank DeDominicis Public Speaker

Productive Conflict Skills Equals Effective Conflict Resolution. 

Conflict Is A Surmountable Yet Common Issue

In many organizations, team members in conflict is a surmountable yet common issue. This can be business practice issues, or simply colleagues arguing over politics, personal difference or gossip.

Many workplace conflicts originate from business culture and personal ethics conflicting with tasks. Frank DeDominicis is an expert in conflict resolution, his training will not only help you to address workplace conflicts but also help you to prevent conflict before it becomes an issue.

Many Business Owners Do Not Understand Workplace Conflicts, So What Is Conflict Resolution?
Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a resolution to a disagreement. The disagreement may be personal or work-related. When conflict occurs, the best course of action is facing the issue directly and working to resolve the disagreement.
Why Conflict Resolution Training And How Can This Help My Organization?
Communicating in a pro active rather than reactive manner is key to preventing conflict in the workplace. One of the most important factors to successful conflict resolution is on-site training from someone who has helped major organizations with their conflicts among employees. Putting in place a conflict resolution process will result in enhanced co-operation and increased productivity.

What is Conflict Resolution Training?

Conflict Resolution Training enables management and employees to recognize and understand the many typical causes of conflict within a team. Proactive communication is the key to resolving and preventing conflict. The ability to resolve conflict in a timely and effective manner can prevent escalation and increase productivity.

This training provides techniques for managing workplace conflict, and identifies the negative effects of unresolved conflict so your team members understand the importance of immediately resolving their problems with other team members and managers.

Below Are The Basics Of Conflict Resolution, This Training Will Go Much Deeper.
• Identify common causes of conflict and the specific causes in your organization.
• Identify your organization’s common responses to conflict and understand how to quickly adapt to uncommon conflicts.
• Discuss different styles and approaches to conflict resolution in your organization.
• Discuss how to create an environment for open, honest dialogue in the worklplace, not just during conflict resolution.
• Discuss how to respond to anger in the workplace and how to manage your own anger.
• Identify the best practices for effective communication and active listening and understanding during conflict resolution.

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Frank is a fantastic speaker. I cannot wait to gleam more from him in future endeavors. All of Frank's presentations that I've been through have left me with a feeling of knowledge gained, The Positive Self-Image session was outstanding. -Tony M.

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