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Agile Emotional Intelligence Training For Department Of Labor Colorado Workforce.

“I learned how to assume and improve particular mindsets.”

“I learned how to recognize and value others’ mindsets.”

“It helped me to understand my coworkers better and gave me things to work on to improve myself.”

“I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and to expand my range.”

“This is good for all working environments so people learn how to better understand one another and ultimately can work better

“Frank, I want to thank you for your time and wisdom working with me on understanding and improving my leadership style and techniques. It has been an eye-opening experience for me as I explore this area.
The DiSC analysis was so accurate that I remember thinking you were almost psychic, but I know it is really a deep understanding of how people and leaders function developed over years of working with so many people.
I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you.”
Valerie Chase

“Mr. Frank DeDominicis is a proven leader and has a passion for people. I have had the privilege of seeing him in action successfully guiding leaders and mentors in his presentations with tools to enable them to obtain predictable success in the most challenging of environments, showing them strategies to resolve conflict, identify potential in team members and how to bring out the best in discouraged or unmotivated team members.

His presentations are interactive and he enjoys answering questions, enabling his audiences to be more engaged, leave with takeaways and a clearer understanding of what it takes to overcome leadership challenges encountered by all of us.

He is highly recommended to all who wish to gain greater insight on what it means to lead high performing, highly motivated that produce results and exceed expectations.”
Darryle Brown, MBA, DTM, Immediate Past President, Toastmasters District 26.

“Frank has a genuine appreciation for the varied experiences that life brings, and as such is able to develop a rapport with his audience, speaking with well-researched contentas well as from the heart.

I sincerely believe that any business (for profit & non-profit) that strives to improve the human factor will find their workforce improves their teamwork productivity, effectiveness, and harmony.
Frank brings that expertise and very connected human spirit to his presentations.”
Debra S. Sprague, Wellness Team Program Director Boulder County Mental Health Partners.

“Frank has a unique ability to engage a group of individuals and quickly teach them rather complex ideologies in a simple and easy to understand manner.
He consistently receives “excellent” on the evaluations and as one participant noted, ‘Frank is very knowledgeable and informative, yet professional and effective.'”
Vanessa Oldham-Barton, Broomfield Workforce Center.

“When we first contacted Frank our business was in disarray and at such a serious crisis point that we were about to close the doors. Frank turned the tide from impending fiscal disaster to a much more harmonious, profitable work environment with functional business processes and systems.
We believe that the most important factor which turned our business around was simply Frank’s natural abilities to competently interpret interpersonal relationships and to set us on a focused course of self-sufficiency.”
Green Building Solutions Management. 

“I think it would be fantastic if I could be in the field I want to be in.”
Ceileah, “Youth Entrepreneurship” Future Business Leader of America

“I’m learning to love myself.” -Anonymous – Stress Self-Management

“Frank’s Positive Self-Image workshop is very useful for anybody.”
Sue Giacoma

“Positive Self-Image was an excellent opportunity to meet new people and get new ideas and tools; excellent presentation!” Sheryl Kay

“From the Positive Self-Image class I learned techniques to help me improve my self-image and I appreciated Frank’s delivery and humor.”
Kevin C.

“Frank is a fantastic speaker. I cannot wait to gleam more from him in future endeavors. All of Frank’s presentations that I’ve been through have left me with a feeling of knowledge gained. I’m so happy to have committed to coming to these classes.”
Julie Pariseau.

“The Positive Self-Image session was outstanding; possessed with clarity and understanding. Well done! I will attend future
Ella Major.

“Yes! Positive Self-Image is a very positive, feel good class.”
Cheryl Byrum.

“Today’s seminar gave me more than a little ray of hope for change in my life; it showed me that I can change in the areas I so desire, that the change can be permanent and that I can help others by changing myself.”
Holly Squirer.

“My whole attitude for the future, my future has been changed from despair to seeing happiness and success and bright things
Kitty Farlow.

“(The workshop) brought out the ‘find your own path and follow it in each one of us’ passion and made me remember helping others.
Desiree Scott.

“Frank was enlightening and fun. I enjoyed his talks and humor. I’ve learned how to manage my stress by identifying my stress
factors and dealing with them.”
Joanne Gonzales. 

“I would say that I am in a better frame of thought and feel positive.”
Meg Johnson.

“Frank is a great communicator, very knowledgeable, handles group situations well (efficient), empathetic, speaks from experience and education.”
J.B., Stress client. 

“Frank is clear, listens to us and makes sense of our confusion.”
Gunnar X.

“Frank is very happy and funny. He gets to the point and knows what he’s talking about.”
Cassie Medina.

“I was a long-term alcoholic and drug abuser and at the end of my rope. I didn’t know whom to turn to for help and I knew I would die if I didn’t quit drugs.
Thanks to Frank I’ve now improved my self-concept enough to realize that the problem was my first priority in life. I’m now able to use my mind fully and to be successful in relationships and the joys of living.”
Ted Shinn, (Grammy -“Positively Pike’s Peak” collaboration)

“I’m learning to take care of myself. Everyone can learn more about stress in life.”
Portia Goodwin, Yoga Instructor. 

“Without a doubt, in a relentless pursuit of achievement, the greatest interpersonal error most people make is being unaware of their unique set of predominant strengths.”
Frank DeDominicis Organizations. 

“Frank displays a very gentle and patient communication style and quickly builds rapport and trust. He has a way of presenting complex technology in a very approachable and safe manner.
Frank’s seminars continue to receive excellent ratings and a common request is that his sessions were longer.”
Vanessa Oldham-Barton, Broomfield Workforce Center Administrator.

“I would like to thank you for your team-building program at Denver Grain Exchange. The overall results were in the areas of improved communications between employees and supervisors. increased personal motivation and the ability to set priorities and goals.”
W. L. Hutchings, Manager, Denver Grain Exchange.

“Our day with you was extremely successful in meeting our goals of team effectiveness and trust-building. You proved to be an all around excellent facilitator by demonstrating the ability to zero in on the needs of our specific group and provide direction in dealing with our issues while maintaining a positive, supportive atmosphere.
All this was accomplished in the span of one very well-paced, emotionally balanced day.”
Bob Burrell, University of Denver, Student Support Services. 

“Your ability to take my complex business issues and break them down into a step-by-step process was very admirable and impressive. You also encouraged me to go beyond my limiting attitudes and beliefs. This alone will pay huge dividends in the years to come.”
Todd Bates, Re/Max Southeast, Inc.

“Thanks to you I discovered a number of things I do which contributes to conflicts. I have also learned to recognize in others when a potential conflict may arise, how to avert the situation and create a more trusting atmosphere.”
Steve Lucero, Mountain Bell Assistant Staff Manager.

“Frank’s ability to converse with us on our level and show genuine concern that my supervisors felt comfortable was impressive. His honesty, even if we did not want to hear comments, won the respect of my men. Probably the most observed outcome of time spent with Frank was his ability to promote creativity.”
Larry McCreary, 3G Construction.

“Frank equipped Centennial Printing with a comprehensive management-by-objectives plan template to better control priorities and navigate organizational growth.
His counsel and insight helped transform a previous website from a non-productive liability into a profit-center and a powerful lead-generator, enhancing our competitive ‘slight edge.'”
Andy Gontar, Manager, Centennial Printing, Louisville, CO

“Business doesn’t grow unless people do.” -Frank DeDominicis
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Frank is a fantastic speaker. I cannot wait to gleam more from him in future endeavors. All of Frank's presentations that I've been through have left me with a feeling of knowledge gained, The Positive Self-Image session was outstanding

I would like to thank you!

For your team-building program at Denver Grain Exchange. The overall results were in the areas of improved communications between employees and supervisors. increased personal motivation and the ability to set priorities and goals.

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