The Great Resignation Is Here, The Great Resignation and The Future of The Workplace

How To Keep Your People:

The Great Resignation is upon us. Combined with the pandemic and lock-down, it has created a deep impact on the thinking and behavior of all of society.
This webinar is a collaborative space to learn about the new best labor practices, address attrition, and improve work cultures. Learn the reasons for the current work trends which relate to the needs of different generations and industries.
Come share your ideas. 

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How To Navigate Beyond This Epidemic And Keep Your People

44% of the workforce is questioning whether they want to go back to work, 4.3 Million Americans resigned in August 2021. What does this mean to the workforce and the economy?  

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Employer Benefits of the Presentation:
1. Become aware of the roots causes for the Great Resignation. 
2. Learn how economic instability contributes to tribal anger and the quit rage movement.
3. Discover ways to keep your best people and how to attract top talent who will remain loyal. 

"What the covid issue has revealed to me with the Great Resignation outcomes is that the majority of business owners are not true leaders of people.” - Frank DeDominicis / Looking Beyond the Great Resignation.  

"How we receive and process new information determines in large part determines how effectively we utilize that information. Context counts now more than ever.”

"Our pandemic sense of time has shifted dramatically. People have had time to reassess personal values and priorities, including work."

US Workers Emerging From Pandemic Are Quitting Their Jobs at Record Rate.

With the Coronavirus pandemic easing in the United States, experts say an unprecedented number of people are choosing to quit their jobs.

Many businesses the world over are concerned that staff are leaving and job vacancies are increasing. There appears to be no new staff to fill those positions.

The answer is complex and wide ranging, but the one thing for sure is that businesses need guidance to navigate this new phenomenon.

Workplace culture and values must reflect the huge choice of jobs and careers that are available to Americans today as we emerge from the biggest pandemic in world history.  

Frank DeDominicis

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